Peeling Back the Layers

Ronald Reagan, Theodore Roosevelt, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Condeleeza Rice, Elizabeth Dole -- all loyal Republicans who at one time registered/voted as Democrats. And of course there are loyal Democrats who were once registered as Republicans and voted for Republicans. Most people understand that many initially affiliate with one or both parents' party(ies) - a very normal thing. And as they grow older and gain life experience, many change party affiliation to what best aligns with their values. That is not unusual.

Sometimes in political campaigns, the opposing side will try to defame the other candidate by revealing that their opponent was once registered with the opposite party. As if that person will now suddenly become disloyal to the party they are currently registered under and begin espousing their prior party's principals. Well, anyone who knows history knows that those who switch parties generally become among the hardest working and loyal persons in their party. Even locally, we have had some hard working, loyal Republicans win office or become appointed having once been registered as Democrats, (for some years or for a short time to vote for a Democrat who was seeking office) -- Judge Kathleen Prendergast, President Commissioner Susan Byrnes and Senator Scott Wagner, to name a few, were all once registered as Democrats.

Do we doubt their loyalty to the party they've chosen to affiliate with? Have they worked hard at their job to serve the York community, regardless of their prior or current affiliation?

When opponents or their followers try to defame an opposing candidate by bringing up a prior political affiliation, don't be fooled. It is usually done as a desperate act, with the intent to scare or create mistrust in those who might vote for that candidate. Some may be swayed by this rhetoric, but I believe that most are smart enough to see through the facade. Peel back the layers and most will see the truth. The candidate being attacked Is often doing great service in their community AND their party. As a matter of fact, instead of shunning others of the opposite party, they are often more skilled at working WITH the other party and can sometimes even bring others of the opposite affiliation into their own party. How are we to grow as a party if we shame or disown those who were once the opposite party affiliation?

My parents taught me that when one tears down another to benefit themselves, they are nothing but a bully, and they are usually doing it out of their own sense of inadequacy. I have always supported candidates who run positive campaigns based on their own merits, candidates who have been a force for good in their local community long before they were candidates.

The truth is that many of those individuals being attacked are harder working at giving back in their communities and to their party than those who are trying to defame them.

And if an elected official such as a District Attorney (or a Coroner) does their job well, they must be an elected official for ALL people in their jurisdiction -- not just the ones from their affiliated party. THAT is a quality seen in a LEADER. That service to all is what Dave Sunday and I have tried to do every day. In order to do our jobs well, there should be no partisanship in exercising our role and responsibilities. And I can honestly say that in my tenure as York County's Coroner, I have never had a family who we were serving ask me my party affiliation. When someone needs our services or the District Attorney's, that's the last thing on their minds.

I have known DA Candidate Dave Sunday since early 2013. When we first met, he listened to this nurse's ideas for what I hoped to bring to the Coroner's office. Many fellow Republicans weren't too sure about me and chose to support others at first. But Dave Sunday believed in me and threw himself into helping us in my campaign because he knew that I was hoping to bring positive change to the Coroner's Office and greater compassion for survivors to our community. He hardly knew me, but he supported me when some in my party did not. I have never once doubted his loyalty to me, our party nor to the people of York County. We have worked together daily in the fight against the opioid epidemic, which, in spite of what others may say, is still the biggest threat to our community and our families - in multiple ways. Dave and I have personally worked with many families, trying to reassure them that justice would be sought in their loved one's death when possible, and we have spent countless volunteer hours with our Heroin Task Force colleagues out in our community (after our normal workday) raising awareness of the epidemic and the various treatment options available because we care so deeply about the families and the addict who needs or seeks help.

Now it is my turn. Just as Dave believed in and supported me back in 2013, please join me in standing up for positive change for ALL in York County -- by voting for Dave Sunday for District Attorney. He's already working hard for YOU -- everyday in the DA's office as Chief Deputy Prosecutor. Just as he has been an outstanding Chief Deputy Prosecutor and an outstanding community leader, he will be an outstanding District Attorney! He's a force for good for ALL of York County.

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